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Rules of the game

Guess which word I meant! The orange squares show how many letters it consists of. The letters you hit appear here. The letter you have already guessed will be dimmed on the keyboard. You can type by pressing the buttons on the screen.


You get 50 points at the start. If there is no such letter in the word, a point deduction is awarded. You passed the level if you guessed 5 words and did not run out of points.

List of the best

You can be added to the list of the best if you have more points than the tenth place result after the five correct solutions. If there is a player on the leaderboard who has signed up more than a day ago, you can get in its place with any score, all you have to do is guess five words. If you have the option to enter your name, the program will offer that option. You can delete your data at any time. You may read our privacy policy here .

Language practice

You can switch to "Spanish basic word" by clicking on "Spanish word". An excellent language practice opportunity for English learners, even schoolchildren. After deciphering, you can read the Hungarian equivalent of the word. Our dictionary contains both spelling and semantically verified words.

The Hangman is originally a paper and pencil based puzzle for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, the other tries to guess it. The earliest known version dates from 1894. The name comes from the fact that when one player guesses, the other either enters the letter in the appropriate place or draws a part of a hanging stick man. If you couldn't figure out which word your partner was thinking, a drawing of a hanging stick figure came out.

In the child-friendly version , an apple tree with ten apples is depicted and an apple is crossed out. There are also different versions based on what word can be in the puzzle. Depending on the agreement, it may contain a foreign word, proper name, conjugation, suffix.

A useful strategy for the puzzle is to try common letters first. This varies depending on the vocabulary, but usually the letters e, t, a, o, n, i, s, r, h, l are the most common. Some people guess the vowels first, because in a good case you can guess the word or parts of it. When guessing vowels, it is possible to guess whether there are undiscovered vowels in the word, as their distribution is typical.

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